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Monday, October 31, 2011

Unmasked - The End by Marie Tuhart

Cynthia took a deep breath as she opened the door trying to calm her racing heart. How in the world did she think she could handle Ben? Her insides were quaking and moisture coated the g-string she wore.

The click of the door being shut caused her to jump, she spun around. Ben was lounging against the wooden door staring at her.

"Time to pay up." His voice husky with desire.

She smoothed down her impossibly short skirt with trembling hands, it wasn't that she didn't want him. She did, but how was he going to feel when he found out who she was. He wouldn't, she decided.

"The mask stays on." She'd chosen this mask on purpose; it wouldn't slip off as it was anchored into her hair. And she wouldn't let him take it off.

"For now," he acknowledged before stalking over to her. His cap was tossed onto the chair, before he cupped her cheeks.

Hot lips covered her. No tenderness, no foreplay. His tongue forced its way between the lips to tangle with hers. Not that she minded, she was ready for him. More than ready.

Arms entwined around his neck, pulling him closer as he deepened the kiss. His tongue and hers chasing each other, until finally the need for air caused them to part.

"You taste of chocolate." His mouth trailed from her lips, down her neck, to the top of her breasts almost bursting from the Bo Peep costume. "I want you naked."

Placing her hands on his chest, she pushed. But he didn't move. "I can't get undressed if you're holding me." Her voice was tinged with laughter.

Ben gazed down at her, and she almost fell to her knees. His eyes had darkened to a deep golden color, hotter than a summer night and deeper than any canyon. Backing up, her knees hit the chair and she sat. 


The impact of the wood on her barely covered ass stung, and she wondered if Ben would spank her? Her nipples tightened at the thought of his broad, hard hand striking her ass in measured strokes.

Her hands shook as she removed her shoes, then began to roll down her thigh high white tights. The rustling of clothing had her lifting her head.

Ben had removed his black shirt. Her mouth watered at the sight of his hair covered chest. Her fingers itched to touch him, to run her hands over his muscles, to play with those brown nipples.

Tearing her gaze away from his magnificent body, she found the concealed zipper on the side of the dress and pulled it down. Standing, she slipped out of her costume.

"Oh, fuck."

Her head rose. Ben was staring at her, his hands on the top of his pants.

"Honey, there's no bed in here."

Cynthia glanced around the room. What? "Did you really expect one?"

"They way you've been teasing me, yes. A nice big bed, but I can improvise."

Before Cynthia knew what happened, Ben was naked, and she was straddling his lap in her g-string and nothing else.

"Ben," she groaned out his name when his condom covered cock brushed against her barely covered pussy.

"Let's get rid of these."

There was a sharp tug at her waist, then the next thing she knew the fabric was torn away and dropped to the floor.

"That's better," said Ben, shifting his position, before his fingers dipped into her pussy. "Yes, you're ready for me."

"I've been ready for you since day one," she whispered, her lips finding his.

Hands on her hips, he guided her onto his hard cock. Her pussy opened to him. She was more than ready for him.

Ben broke the kiss, to bury his face in her neck. "You smell of honey and vanilla. And damn you feel so good around my cock."

Unable to help herself, Cynthia arched her back, sliding further down onto his cock. Damn, he was big. But oh….she closed her eyes as her head fell back.

"Beautiful," said Ben, then his mouth covered her right breast. Tongue laving the nipple before his teeth nipped at it. Then he did the same with the left.

Molten heat flowed through her veins, and she braced her feet on the floor, shifted her body and took him entirely inside her.

"Oh, my God." The words slipped out of her mouth.

"Ride me, baby."

Cynthia did, until both their bodies were quivering masses of fulfilled desire. She collapsed against Ben. Their harsh breathing filled the room.

"Tell me your name," said Ben.

Ice water filled Cynthia's veins. She shook her head, and stood on shaking legs. She had to leave. Now. He couldn't find out she was his boss' daughter.

Thank goodness she'd piled all her clothing together. Reaching down, she grabbed them, and ran out the door.

Ben was so stunned he couldn't move for a few seconds, then he rose. He was about to go after her, but knew he couldn't. He knew who she was now, and she wouldn't escape him.
Monday morning, Moody Advertising was abuzz with the wonderful masquerade party on Saturday night. Ben hadn't stopped smiling. He'd already finished up most of his work for the day, and it was only nine.

At ten, he sat back and waited. She didn't disappoint him. At five minutes after ten, Cynthia Bellows stalked into his office.

"What is the meaning of this?" Her voice shouted, but it wasn't anger, it was more nervousness.

"Shut the door unless you want the entire office to hear this conversation."

Color drained from her face, but she closed the door then stared at him.

"It's obvious what it is." He sat back in his leather chair. "It's your g-string from Saturday night Bo Peep."

Her face grew paler. Ben grinned. He couldn't keep her on the line for too long. "I figured turn about was fair play, but if I was going to do that, I would have sent you a pair of my underwear."

"Ho...how did you figure it out?" Her voice was whisper soft now.

"It took me a while, but it wasn't until I saw you leaving after our love making, I realized where I'd seen that delectable backside before."

"Ben," she started.

He held up his hand, and she fell silent. "This is how this is going to go, Cynthia. You and I will start dating, exclusively. Every night you will grace my bed, where I will make love to you until you are totally sated. Then when enough time has passed, we will have a very short engagement with an equally quick wedding."

Her mouth fell open, and Ben grinned as he stood and crossed the room to her.

"Do you really think I'm going to let the love of my life slip away, no matter who her father is."

The End

Marie Tuhart - Escape to an Erotic Fantasy

Angie Davidson finds herself at loose ends after her best friend's wedding and in need of a vacation, so when sexy yet aloof co-owner of the Quick Silver Ranch, Jared Turner, insists she stay to explore their sexual attraction, she agrees. Though she loves being a submissive in the bedroom, Jared's distant air after lovemaking brings back bad memories. Can she show this fear from her, or will he abandon her like everyone strong sexy man he has nothing to else in her life has?
Sexy yet aloof Jared, co-owner of the Quick Silver Ranch is eager to explore Angie's submissive side with two weeks of toys and other naughty play. However, the last time he was this attracted to a woman—mentally and phyiscally—she wasn't able to put up with his Dominant streak. Can Angie see that her vacation with him can be the perfect way of life?


KyAnn said...

woo hoo y'all rocked the story out. sexy fun and totally comes together.


Marie Tuhart said...

Thanks, KyAnn. Glad you liked it.

Emma Lai said...

Great job, Marie. And to those of you who haven't read Saddle Up yet, I say, "Why not!"

Lynda Bailey said...

I agree, Marie! Nicely done final chapter. I think I'll go get me a copy of Saddle Up now..... ;)

Marie Tuhart said...

Hi Emma, Thanks for the comment and the shout out on Saddle Up.

Marie Tuhart said...

Hi Lynda, thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like the final chapter. And let me know how you like Saddle Up.

Lia Slater said...

Yay! Great job, Marie!! Loved how you brought it all together with a sexy little bow, er, g-string. ;-)

Looking forward to reading the next story!

Anonymous said...

What a way to start the new work week. Excellent short story and what an ending! :)


Marie Tuhart said...

Lia, thanks for stopping by. Yes, a fitting end :)

Marie Tuhart said...

Hi Isabel, thanks for the comment. And yes it is a nice way to start off the week.

wlynnchantale said...

That was a great ending. Fantastic job Marie. Great job all around ladies. Okay. Now I'm really nervous.

Nona Raines said...

Yowza! What a great ending to a fantastic story! Congratulations, Marie! And thanks to everyone who participated with this cool--or should I say HOT--story!